Our approach

Our approach

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Finding the right candidate for every project is our priority. That’s why we pay a lot of attention to ‘the person behind the consultant’. Perhaps that sounds a bit pompous, but we consider it to be an essential component of our approach.

Good selection begins with a good intake. That’s why we ask for a proper job description. We want to know what the duties and responsibilities are of the person you are seeking and the criteria that this person must fulfil. Limited information leads to an excessively large pool of candidates that fulfil the criteria. We select candidates based on a good description and by means of personal interviews, reference checks and possibly technical screenings - all done in a very selective manner.

With Anankei you won’t get a ‘CV pusher’ but rather a flexible and efficient service provider that will bring you consultants who have the technical skills for your project and who – just as importantly – are a good fit for your corporate culture.

Prior to every project we compile a report in which we explain precisely why a certain candidate is best suited for your job. We maintain contact with both the consultant and you, the client, after the job starts.

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