Solution Train Engineer

Solution Train Engineer

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Function type: Freelance - Vast Location: Brussels
Duration: Long Term Reference: 202008161
Start: 31/08/2020

As a Solution Train coordinator you will be part of the delivery enablement team of the core banking renewal program, which has the aim to redesign the loans core banking processes and application portfolio into a cloud ready, fully digital new landscape of ideal mix of packages and internal developments, hereby assuring and efficient and cost effective experience.

The core banking renewal program is a full safe enterprise solution delivery team. So your objectives as an solution train engineer/coordinator will be to:
- Establish and communicate the annual iterations and program increments
- Facilitate the PI planning events (bigroom planning) and readiness
- Summarize the Solution objectives into domain and supplier PI objectives and publish them for visibility & transparency
- Help manage risk & dependencies
- Provide input on resourcing to address critical bottlenecks
- Facilitate periodic release train sync meetings
- Facilitate feature & capability estimates by teams
- Facilitate system & solution demo

Relying on a good agile & SaFe understanding and best practices for incrementally developping large solutions, you will be responsible for the proper and successful implementation of different MMPIs from start to finish:

-You will draw up, develop and track the progress of the MMPI plan (both tactical and operational).
-Using that plan you will carry out the delivery roadmap within budget, marking the various milestones along the way. In doing so, you will ensure that the features are implemented in a proper manner, and ensure delivery of the required artifacts & working software deliverables.
-You will liase with the release train engineers of the different agile delivery domains within the company.
- You will coordinate, motivate and direct:
* The RTE's of all agile release trains that assist in building the overall solution to assure end-2-end consistency against the solution release train;
* The Feature Owner (Business-function) to assure the right priorities are met with respect tot the 3monthly PI planning and during the execution of the MMPI release;
* The Feature Specialist and scope/product team to assure sufficient qualitative inputs are analysed and capacity is available to feed the scrum teams;
* The Solution Designer to get an understanding of all deliveries & agile domain impacts are needed and identify & anticipate potential impediments;
* The Release Manager to assure a qualitative delivery & test gating before Go-Live.

Further more you can rely on profound general project management skills:
-You will ensure that the proposed architecture gets implemented, both Functionally and Technically.
-You will keep an eye on risks and come up with alternative solutions if things go wrong.
-You will coordinate the integration and acceptance tests.
-You will provide leadership, facilitate meetings with the project team, steering group, department managers and third parties. You will chair steering committee meetings. You will plan and lead the necessary transversal adjustments.
-You will produce and give presentations for senior management.
-You are capable of running IT solution deliveries involving more than 1000 man-days
-You will coordinate the various sub-projects.


You have the necessary social skills to be able to work with others and to make clear arrangements with various internal and external parties.
You are a team-player.
Strong communication skills (verbal and written) are essential (NL-FR-ENG).
You are inquisitive and eager to learn, versatile and can withstand stress.
You have a talent for organisation.
You have time and budget management at your fingertips.
You have an in-depth knowledge of agile & project management methodologies.
You have an analytical mind.
You are a genuine initiative-taker in general.

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