Data Manager - OSS

Data Manager - OSS

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Within the ARP department (Architecture, Roadmap & Program), the Data Governance & Quality Team is in charge of providing governed self-services to the data community so that this community can act on data and unleash its value. These self-services consist in defining & assigning new roles & responsibilities within the company so that data is managed as an enterprise asset, providing tools and solutions to support and ease the exploitation of data, acting as a change agent to turn the company into a data driven corporation and ensuring the right data quality for the right purpose.
The team plays also a key role in delivering the vision of the Data Transformation program: “turning the company into an organization where every person who needs data to make better decisionshas access to the data they need when they need it”.

The Data Manager is the “go to person” for everyone who works with OSS data in the organization. She/he has an end-to-end view on data in this domain: she/he knows how these data are created, read, update and deleted along its lifecycle and which business processes and systems are involved in these transformations.
She/he can translate the OSS business objectives in data needs and requirements. She/he knows what platinum data are supporting these business objectives and the negative impacts of bad data on these objectives.
She/he is responsible for the data quality for the OSS domain by defining relevant data quality metrics, requirements, ranges, parameters and action plan… relevant for each data elements. She/he reports regularly on data quality and trigger the actions for detection and correction of data quality issues. He/she guide the root causes analysis and the implementation of coercive measures based on her/his expertise in the domain. She/he proposes additional controls to improve the fitness of data in relevant systems. She/he develops the data plan for OSS, owns the backlog and prioritizes their implementation according to available budgets and to maximize the return for the business.
She/he collaborates closely with business stakeholders to understand the data needs for the different OSS use cases and connects the dots between the different silos. She/he acts as the local “Data Steward” for OSS.
She/he is accountable of defining and documenting data and terminology in the relevant glossaries and ensure these are mapped towards the physical data assets for correct usage and processing in the different use cases.
She/he is the link between the Data Governance & Quality Team and the OSS domain and is a key contributor and facilitator of the roll-out of the company-wide data governance.


• You have a bachelor or master degree and ~10 year relevant experience in product management, domain architecture, IT analyst, process management or operations.
• You have a strong business acumen and you are able to understand the impact of data in achieving business objectives and to translate them into concrete data needs and actions.
• You have a good understanding of the main business processes and IT systems involved along the data lifecycle.
• Your oral/written communication is excellent & balanced with assertiveness & respect.
• You are constructive and pragmatic when solving problems in a customer centric way.
• You are autonomous, efficient and organized and you can respect deadlines.
• You make it happen and you are perseverant until you reach your goals.
• You are stress resistant and flexible.
• You are able to work in a collaborative and service-oriented spirit.
• You are fluent in French, Dutch and English.

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