Project Manager

Project Manager

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Function type: Freelance Location: Brussels
Duration: 12M+ Reference: 201907649
Start: 30/09/2019

For a long term mission, we are looking for a Project Manager with a Technical background + Business experience ++
NL/FR : minimum very good understanding ( B1/2)
Visual Basic Excel/SQL/Access
Minimum 5 years of experience in reporting & dashboarding

Mission description:
Industrialisation of dashboards
In the objective of having a better follow-up and steering of its activities, the Assets direction has developed a series of dashboards.
These dashboards are centralized within TDI (TDI stands for Transformation, Data & Informatisation. )Back Office, because of the link with the other activities of this department (create work program of technicians, transformation projects etc).

Nevertheless, there are also other dashboards for departments to use within the Assets direction, which are centralized and followed-up locally.
It is possible that similar information is shown on different locations and in different ways.
Currently, many dashboards exist, with sometimes overlapping information. There are many problems due to the complex structure of the different types of inputs.
A lot of work has to be done manually, which is a huge waste of time. The current structure also causes inconsistencies between dashboards (other sources for same information, other time of update).
In addition, the current way of reporting does no longer fit the needs of the direction, and needs large modifications.
Because of this, a robust industrialisation of the dashboards is necessary.
In parallel, an exercise is ongoing on the conceptual restructuring of the KPI’s (which graphs, in which dashboard, which information, what is the target, how to interprete the graph..).

Service description:
General info of the assignment: These are the dashboards maintained by TDI Back Office:

1. Assets Dashboard (high-level overview of the direction Assets as a whole, to be discussed during the Assets Team, once a month, with the senior management).
o This dashboard is maintained in excel, and uses information from various sources (SAP, excels, Power BI, other dashboards…).
o This dashboard is never up to date because it only shows the data from the last fully completed month (and the Assets Team is usually around the 20th of the Month).
o For each month, we need a new excel file.
o The excel file is very heavy (a lot of sheets, macros, data..).

2. Dashboards for maintenance (Substations, lines & cables) and for commissioning (secondary systems and the project engineers).
o This dashboard is maintained in Power BI, and uses information from various sources (SAP, CPC tool, excel sheets).
o Advantage of Power BI: possibility to look high level, but also in details.
o Disadvantage ? No automatisation ? update still has to be manually. ? We can only use info that is easily available in the systems. If not available, we have to use a lot of detours to get the info. ? No history, no evolution. ? Uses a lot of memory because it is not constructed properly.

3. Other excel files
o Imputations of the field agents
o Follow-up work program
o …
4. It is possible that new dashboards or graphs should be developed (f.e. for new projects).
There are several parts of the assignment:
- Business continuity ? the dashboards should keep on running (daily-weekly-monthly refresh of current dashboards). o + check the output in the dashboards: is it logical? Did we surpass the target?
- Industrialize existing dashboards. For this, we submitted a project request in order to receive time/budget of a business analyst and ITAL (BI Team and/or SAP team).
- Create new dashboards (on demand).
- Prepare for Hanabel project (= large exercise of reviewing the structure, use, processes .. within SAP).
- Create a ‘dashboarding tree’ with the different dashboards used within the direction Assets (so not only of TDI) + clear documentation on the processes, roles & responsibilities, inputs, links, graphs, frequency of updates etc.
- Help for reviewing the conceptual structure of the KPI’s:
o What does the customer want to measure?
o How can this be measured?
o Is this the most accurate way of monitoring?
o Is this the most accurate way of visualizing?
o What is the target? How can the graph be interpreted?
o What are the logical evolutions?
o .. Service expectations/deliveries:

We need someone with good business ánd IT skills. We need someone who puts a lot of effort in trying to understand the needs of the customer. We need someone who can translate this requirement in the most efficient and qualitative way into a solution.


Hard skills:
Minimum 5 years of experience in reporting & dashboarding processes
Very good knowledge in Microsoft office Suite
Very good knowledge in Visual Basic Excel/SQL/Access
Good knowledge of Power BI
Good knowledge of SAP

Ideally bilingual FR/NL or good basic knowledge in the other

Soft skills:
Organized & structured
Transparent & communicative
Open for constructive feedback & willing to react on this
Mindset of efficiency and quality
Proactively challenging and proposing solutions
Capable of documenting for further use
Work consistently and robustly
Capable of understanding the priorities

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