Ethical Hacker

Ethical Hacker

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Function type: Freelance - Vast Location: Brussels
Duration: 40 days between 01/05 and 31/12 Reference: 202007993
Start: 30/04/2020

Profile description for Ethical Hacker

Objective of ethical hacks:

• Penetration testing and red teaming tests (red teaming is the human aspect and combining different attack scenarios) to identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities
• Verification of security measures for individual system and application testing
• Verification of layered security defenses of infrastructure
• Social engineering testing (eg. Phishing campaigns)

Function Description
For its ICT security team our client is actively looking for an ethical hacker who will be able to do:

• Application ethical hack: simulate attack to web based applications or other applications
• Infrastructure ethical hack: perform network based attack (can be from outside or inside)
• Social engineering testing


Personal Skills

• Focus on ethics
• Experience with different types of security assessments: application, infrastructure and social engineering testing
• Experience with development & scripting
• Experience with Active directory & network infrastructure
• Ability to form complex ‘communications / messages’ in a simple, clear and concise manner and to write an ethical hack debriefing report

Experience & expertise

• Experience level: at least 5Y work experience.
• Proven experience in ethical hacks

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