Azure Devops Engineer

Azure Devops Engineer

Function type: Freelance - Vast Location: Brussels
Duration: Longterm Reference: 202108659
Start: 31/03/2021

Description: Context: Fiber Project. Our client has bought a new tool that requires a customization. The tool will be used by different partners to do Sites Survey (in the contact of the Fiber Roll-Out). Analysis is ongoing. Once developed, the application must be deployed in the Azure Cloud environment.

Required Responsibilities

In order to do this, we need an expert in Azure Cloud (Devops) who can:

- build all the tools required to support the deployment of the application in the Azure Cloud environment, taking into account the security requirements and constraints,
- set-up correctly an adequate monitoring of the application in the environment
- challenge the infrastructure team and the partner we are working with for the development of the application.

The application must be in production in June 2021.


Degree & Experience

• Hands-on experience of AZURE Cloud
• Hands-on experience as Devops Engineer in deployment, automation & monitoring in a AZURE Cloud environment
• Software development tools : c#,.Net, Java, Angular …
• Background in administration of systems Linux, Windows
• Able to integrate different Open Source technologies and cloud services
• Knowledge of IT best practices (high availability, …)
• Knowledge of container technologies (Docker, Kubernates)
• Strong experience in CI/CD in a Azure environment
• Experience in IT monitoring and management tools
• Able to troubleshoot and resolve issues
• Support for the development teams (coding, security, connectivity)
• Knowledge in Security

Languages: English

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