Program Manager

Program Manager

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Function type: Freelance - Vast Location: Brussels
Duration: Long term Reference: 202108660
Start: 28/03/2021

The goal of this function is to ensure the creation of an IT vision on a New Way of Working philosophy, as well as the planning and follow-up of the different projects of the roll-out of these NWoW aspects.
As this NWoW program is a transversal program, close collaboration is required with colleagues, one who will own the “bricks”, another who will own the “behaviours”, while you will own the ‘bytes”.

The IT pillars are (not limited to):
- Digitalisation and Paperless
- Information & Knowledge Management and Archiving – digitized Document Management.
- Mobile and Digital Workplace – work from anywhere, with any device.
- Smart Workplace – desk of the future in all its aspects.
- Future of Facilities like Printing, Meeting Room, Learning and Training, Digital Mailroom, Visitor reception, ….

Not only the technical elements will have to be considered, focus on change management will also be required and aligned with the “behaviour” pillar, while roll-out will have to be aligned with the “bricks” part.

In this role you will be:
- Defining the scope and assure coherence with the 2 other pillars, but also between the different projects derived from the NWoW Roadmap.
- Defining the (IT) business vision and objectives, providing the planning and the budget, communicating this to the (transversal) stakeholders.
- Providing a validation of the technical solution and an estimate of the effort and cost for each of the projects belonging to the program.
- Coordinating the planning of the various projects included into the program roadmap.
- Communicating on a regular basis in a structured manner about the progress, the agreed scope.
- Managing and monitoring the risks and problems within the transversal team and with the assigned the project managers, while escalating to management and customer if necessary.
- Monitoring the budget of the program and coordinates budgeting and amendments.
- Leading IT steerco meetings and participating in the transversal NWoW steerco’s.


- Senior level Program Manager
- Ideally the candidate has experience with company New Way of Working programs.
- Speaks/understands Dutch/French and English.
- Proven to be good in C-level presentation creation.

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